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Upgrade your Teatwand 400
to a Teatwand Exact 


Get the benefit of leading edge technology for your dairy

We listened to our farmers and developed the Teatwand Exact to be bigger and stronger with extra reach under the udder. Two independently controlled spray nozzles tailor the spray sequence reducing chemical use and achieving superb coverage. Savvy programming learns the platform speed and quickly adjusts the sequence to suit.

The Teatwand Exact is proven technology with over 400 systems teat spraying cows across the world. 

Waka Dairies decided to upgrade their 8 year old Teatwand 400 to a Teatwand Exact - they have been happy with the results. Andrew Evans the Operations Manager says


"This is a much stronger model and it’s smarter, when we speed up or slow down it adjusts a lot quicker and we’re using a lot less teat spray. With the new touch screen it’s easy to set up a spray pattern that gets all four teats. Our Teatwand 400 had done a lot of work, it was getting old, there will be a lot less maintenance with the Teatwand Exact."


2 independently controlled nozzles


Longer reach for better teat coverage


Fully adjustable touch screen controller

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