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Become a Teatwand Dealer 

As a Teatwand dealer you'll have access to some of the most advanced and cutting-edge teat-spraying technologies in the world. Teatwand’s expertise in mastitis control is unmatched, and our solutions help dairy farmers improve the quality of their milk product and overall farm efficiency.

Being a Teatwand dealer isn't just about selling products - it's about building long-term relationships with dairy farmers and being a trusted advisor in their journey towards reducing labor costs.

Our commitment to customer service and support means that you will always have the resources and expertise you need to help your dairy farming customers achieve optimal spraying results.




Grow your dairy farmer relationships  by providing leading teat-spraying technology. Build your dealership with solutions that provide labor savings for better farm efficiency . 



Work with a team that provide timely and in-depth support to dealerships across the globe. Onfarm Solutions can provide practical installation support, in person or using models and guides. 



Help dairy farmers control mastitis in their herds. Teatwand teat-sprayers provide peace of mind, allowing farmers to put their time and resources into other areas. 

Become a Teatwand Dealer

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