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The Cotswold Spray Gun is a manual alternative to an automated teat spraying system.


For example, herringbone and parallel parlors and in rotary platform parlors where the teat spraying task is done by hand.


The Cotswold Spray Gun is ergonomically designed for operator comfort with the ability to rotate the spray lance to any angle.


There are three options for the length of the spray lance.


The body of the gun is a tough chemical resistant plastic and the lance and spray nozzle is stainless steel. The nozzle can be adjusted to alter the profile of the spray.


The teat spray connection to the gun is an 8mm push fitting and can be used with any pressurized teat spray circuit.


The Cotswold Spray Gun is not a throwaway item, a full range of spare parts are available, and repairs are easy.

Cotswold Guns

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