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Teatwand Stepover

Reduces operator workload

The Teatwand Stepover automated teat sprayer is suitable for any herringbone and parallel milking parlors, designed to work equally well as pre-spray or post-spray.

Two sensors, four nozzles, a fully adjustable controller and online monitoring (available on request) allow excellent teat spray coverage of all four teats with efficient usage of teat spray.

The walkover teat spray system tracks the cow’s speed to automatically adjust the spraying sequence.

Four Nozzles

The Teatwand Stepover has four spray nozzles, two sets of two, each pair is independently controlled to provide full coverage of all four teats. 

The Teatwand controller can easily adjust the sequencing and spray volumes applied to the cows’ teats, including the two nozzles function or the four nozzles function.

The low flow function:

  • Deploys two nozzles if the cow is walking at a slow speed.

  • Deploys four nozzles if the cow is walking at a fast speed, to ensure full coverage of the cow’s udder.

The high flow function:

  • Deploys four nozzles at all times, regardless of the speed of the cow.

High flow function nozzles- Low flow function nozzles of the Teatwand Stepover walkover teat spraying system

Control System 

Clever use of optical sensor technology, a smart program and simple push button controls make this a set and forget tool for the modern farmer. 

The two sensors measure where and when the cow is passing through the lane, and provide data to the controller. This will automatically select the appropriate spray sequence providing full coverage of all four teats. 

If the cow walks at a slow speed, two nozzles will be used in the spray sequence. If the cow walks at a fast speed, four nozzles will deploy to ensure full coverage of all the teats. If the cow stops walking, the walkover teat spray system will spray the teats once the cow walks through. It will not spray the same cow twice. 

The Teatwand Stepover walkover teat spray automated system spraying a cows' teats

Safety Measures

Protecting your valuable cows and the Teatwand Stepover system. 

The high-quality stainless steel Teatwand Stepover is built to support a cow's weight. 

Cows have unseemly toilet habits, so the walkover teat sprayer system has been designed and built to deal with whatever the cow throws at it. An automatic nozzle wash periodically cleans the nozzles to ensure no debris is sprayed back to the cow’s udder.

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