Teatwand™ 400


The Teatwand 400 is an automatic teat spraying system suitable for smaller rotary platforms with small and medium sized herds.

The Teatwand 400 is suitable for any rotary platform with a speed no faster than 5.5 seconds per stall. All Teatwand systems track the rotary platform speeds and automatically adjust the sequence timing to suit.

*Not available in all markets


Thorough teat spray coverage of all four teats is achieved with one nozzle and one spray sequence.


The timing of the spray and the duration of the spray are fully adjustable to suit individual farms’ requirements.


A Stall Sensor is used to determine the speed in which the
rotary platform is moving.

Cow Sensor will detect if there is a cow in the stall. No empty stalls will be sprayed.

The Cluster Sensor* will detect if a cow is still milking as it comes past the Teatwand. The Teatwand system will detect that the cluster is still attached and will not operate.

*Not applicable in some markets

Teatwand 400 automated udder/teat spraying dairy equipment uses a stall sensor, a cow sensor and a cluster sensor to detect the cow's position



Protecting your valuable cows and the system

The patented spring feature is designed for cows' protection and to limit  damage to the Teatwand system. Should the nozzle head come into contact with a cows' leg or a solid object, the spring will deflect and return to its original position ready for the next spray sequence.

Should power be cut to the Teatwand system or inadvertently switched off, the Teatwand 400 will default to its home position.

The Teatwand 400 system has an Air Filtration Unit to filter the compressed air used to operate the system.