Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle leg spreader is a device that is fixed to the surface of the rotary platform in each stall to encourage the cow to stand with her legs apart.

It is essential that Spread Eagle leg spreaders are fitted to the rotary platform prior to installing any Teatwand system.

The Spread Eagle leg spreaders ensure the cow stands in the correct position for any Teatwand system to successfully spray the teats.


They also make the task of attaching the Cups/Cluster much easier for dairy staff as the cows teats are always accessible.

There are two styles of Spread Eagle leg spreader: 

 1.   Moulded polycarbonate composite

 2.   Fabricated stainless steel


Either style can be fitted to any rotary platform.


Spread Eagle leg spreaders can be fitted permanently to the deck or there are options to have them removable, they can also be fitted to rubber mats. In some cases, a supporting spacer plate may be required.