Thorough teat spray coverage of all four teats is achieved using one nozzle. The timing of the spray and the duration of the spray are fully adjustable.


The Original Teatwand system!

Each Teatwand cycle will use from 25 to 30 ml (0.85 to 1.0 fl. oz) of teat spray and is adjustable to suit individual requirements.

The Teatwand™ 400 is suitable for any rotary platform with a speed no faster than 6.5 seconds per stall.

All Teatwand systems track the rotary platform speeds and automatically adjust the sequence timing to suit.

Teatwand 400 automated cow teat spraying system for dairy farms equipment

The Sanicleanse Teat Scrubber system is a manually operated device designed to clean, sanitise and prepare cows for milking.


Pneumatically powered counter rotating brushes gently scrub the teats while applying warm water or a mix of warm water and sanitising chemical to thoroughly clean the cows teats and stimulate the let down of milk. A burst of air then dries the teats preparing them for the attachment of the cluster.


Total teat preparation is achieved in just 10 seconds.


Farmers using the Sanicleanse Teat Scrubber experience reduced cases of clinical mastitis, improved cow comfort and faster milking times.


The Cotswold Spray Gun is a manual alternative to an automated teat spraying system. These are used in situations where there is currently no in parlour automation option, for example herringbone and parallel parlours and in rotary platform parlours where the teat spraying task is done by hand.


The Cotswold Spray Gun is ergonomically designed for operator comfort with the ability to rotate the spray lance to any angle. There are three options for the length of the spray lance. The body of the gun is a tough chemical resistant plastic and the lance and spray nozzle is stainless steel. The nozzle can be adjusted to alter the profile of the spray.


The teat spray connection to the gun is an 8mm push fitting and can be used with any pressurized teat spray circuit.


The Cotswold Spray Gun is not a throwaway item, a full range of spare parts are available, and repairs are easy.


An Automatic Teat Spraying System designed by a Mastitis Specialist to combat one of dairying’s biggest problems, Mastitis.


Labour Savings without any compromises!


Thorough teat spray coverage of all four teats is achieved with the use of two independently controlled spray nozzles that extend under the cows’ udder as the rotary platform passes. A touchscreen controller is used to set spray sequences, a laser sensor reads the cows position in the stall and the correct sequence is automatically selected.


A patented safety design protects the cow and the Teatwand.    


Close to 1000 systems were installed globally by 2020. The Teatwand Exact is easily retrofittable to all existing rotary platform brands and can be included in any new dairy project.

The Teatwand Rapid system is based on the Teatwand Exact spraying concept. Two Teatwands mounted on a moving slide that follows the rotary platform as it passes and sprays two stalls simultaneously.


The Fastest Effective Automatic Teat Spray System in the World!


The Teatwand Rapid was developed for large fast-moving rotary platforms.

Speeds as fast as 3.5 seconds per stall are well within the Teatwand Rapid capabilities.


Thirty systems have been installed to date, with additional installations planned for 2021.

The Spread Eagle leg spreader is a device that is fixed to the surface of the rotary platform in each stall to encourage the cow to stand with her legs apart.

It is essential that Spread Eagle leg spreaders are fitted to the rotary platform prior to installing any Teatwand system.

The Spread Eagle leg spreaders ensure the cow stands in the correct position for any Teatwand system to successfully spray the teats. They also make the task of attaching the Cups/Cluster much easier for dairy staff as the cows teats are always accessible.


There are two styles of Spread Eagle leg spreader. Moulded polycarbonate composite or fabricated stainless steel. Either style can be fitted to any rotary platform.


Spread Eagle leg spreaders can be fitted permanently to the deck or there are options to have them removable, they can also be fitted to rubber mats. In some cases a supporting spacer plate may be required.