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Teatwand Parallel

Award winning in-parlor teat dipping automation

This is new technology and a world first, which enables Dairy Farmers to automate teat spraying to provide better teat coverage for cows and reduce labor requirements.  

Multiple spray arms are suspended from a gantry and travel along the parlor. A pre milking teat dip treatment is applied when the cow enters her stall. A post milking teat dip is applied when the clusters are removed. Each spray arm can service up to 15 stalls. 

“This entry scored highest in originality and innovation. Overall it was a no brainer for the judges because it was new and it solved real challenges for parallel parlors."

Jennifer Fawkes, World Ag Expo

Pre and Post Dip

The Teatwand Parallel will pre-dip the first cow to enter the row when she is in her stall and index along the row, pre-dipping every cow.

After a row has had a pre milking teat dip treatment the chemical is flushed from the system with water. The system is then primed with post-dip chemical, ready for when the cluster is removed from the first cow. The spray arm will select and spray each cow as soon as they finish milking regardless of their position in the row. The last cow to finish milking will be the last cow to be dipped making the best use of available time without slowing the process down.

Controls cabiney (1).png

Controls - Your user interface

Users can make adjustments to each individual arm on the HMI. Application rates of teat dip can be tailored for both pre and post milking teat dip applications. Integrated with each individual dairy the control system uses tried and tested hardware. Onfarm Solutions' experience with their suite of teat dipping devices has been instrumental in the development of the Teatwand Parallel. 

Online monitoring is integral to these systems. Providing the dairyman with valuable data pertinent to his operation. Also allowing remote troubleshooting and alerts to impending maintenance requirements.

Safety Measures

The patented spring mounted spray head found on other Teatwand products has proven to be a cow-friendly feature should the cow come into contact with the spray head. 

The moving arms have flashing lights to alert workers when they are active. 

If a worker does get too close to the arm and comes into contact with one of the safety bars, the system stops and dumps the compressed air, rendering the system safe. A reset button will need to be pressed to re-activate the arm.

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