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Research and Development

Our commitment to dairy farmers

Since 2008, Onfarm Solutions has been committed to help dairy farmers win the war against mastitis. We recognize the many challenges that modern dairies face and this motivates us to help farmers achieve profitability through innovation and automation.

Based on expansive research that included travelling to many different countries and dairy farms both pasture based and fully housed dairy systems we developed the Teatwand Automatic Teat Spraying Systems, the Teatwand Exact and the Teatwand Rapid.

Automation is an essential tool for all modern farms, providing solutions for labour shortages, meeting compliance regulations and offering better life balances.

Research and Development is at the heart of the Onfarm Solutions mantra. We are working hard on developing a new suite of products that we will progressively launch over the next 24 -36 months. Our goal is to create new and innovative products that follow our goal of creating ‘Ingeniously Simple’ automation systems. 


Currently, we are canvassing our existing clients about their wants and needs regarding what information they would like to have access to on their mobile device or desktop. With this farmers' feedback, we are building the platforms to present relevant accurate and concise information.


Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident with program upgrades, add-ons that improve reliability and the user experience of the existing systems we have around the world.


We have an engineering team working on developing new products to contribute to the global fight to combat mastitis. Dedicated to smart solutions, our team utilises the latest technology in everything we do.

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