• Fast Return on Investment
  • Complete Spray Coverage
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Tracks Rotary Platform Speed

The TEATWAND EXACT automatic teat spraying system can be used in a Pre-Spray or Post-Spray situation and has many great features including:

  • A reach of 500mm which enables the arm to reach beyond the front teats.
  • Two nozzles, one forward-facing and one rear-facing to allow all surfaces of the teats are fully covered.
  • A cow position sensor to finely tune the timing of the spray start.
  • An intelligent control system, which allows 3 adjustable bursts of spray 
  • The combination of the cow position sensor and the intelligent control system minimizes spray usage yet provides excellent coverage of all sides of all 4 teats. Typical teat spray usage is 18mls-25mls/cow.
  • The spray savings and the better coverage will soon pay for the cost of the TEATWAND EXACT in reduced teat spray usage, less clinical mastitis and lower SCC.

The effectiveness and reliability of the TEATWAND concept allow you to confidently remove a labour unit from your rotary dairy.