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Teatwand Parallel wins global recognition on the world stage

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Teatwand Parallel has been recognised as a top-10 new product at the World Agriculture Expo in California.

The brainchild of Onfarm Solutions, an agritechnology pioneer, the Parallel technology automates the task of pre and post teat spraying of dairy cows in parallel parlors.

This is new technology and a world first which enables Dairy Farmers to automate teat spraying to provide better coverage for cows and reduce labor requirements.

Jennifer Fawkes the Marketing Manager for the World Ag Expo commented, “This entry scored highest in originality and innovation. Overall it was a no brainer for the judges because it was new and it solved real challenges for parallel parlors."

One of the judges commented, "It seems like a great way to improve efficiencies in the parlor as well as reduce some labor costs.’”

Other winners of the award were electric vehicles, autonomous robotic machines and cobots for horticulture, smart devices with apps to manage dairy cow health and a water saving device. Teatwand is proud to be recognised amongst these peers of innovative agritech.

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