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Introducing the Teatwand HD: Advancing Automated Teat Spraying for Dairy Farmers

The Research and Development team has unveiled the Teatwand Heavy Duty (Teatwand HD), an advanced automated teat sprayer designed to improve teat spraying processes in dairy farms.

The Teatwand HD boasts several key features that make it a game-changer for busy dairies with high throughput:- Lower maintenance costs, a robust design, and extended reach under the teats make it an ideal solution for efficiently maintaining cow health and optimizing milk quality.

The precision and consistency of teat spraying achieved with the Teatwand HD contribute to enhanced mastitis control, ensuring improved overall cow health. This, in turn, leads to better milk production.

What sets the Teatwand HD apart is its affordability, offering innovative mastitis reduction at a competitive price point. We are confident that dairy farmers will appreciate the combination of a robust design and easy installation, making it a hassle-free addition to their operations.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new unit or upgrade an older model, we provide competitive pricing options. For more information, reach out to our team at

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