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Controlling mastitis with award winning technology

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Learn more about the Teatwand Parallel smart cup sensors

The Teatwand Parallel has smart cup sensors that contribute to accurate and speedy teat spraying. Jamie Spyker, our Mechatronics Engineer, has given us some details on how they work: –

As the milking cups fall off the cows' teats, the robot needs to immediately know which cow requires spraying. If we spray the cow as soon as the cups fall off, we get immediate application of teat spray as well as significant time savings.

To achieve this, we incorporated cup detection into the system, which monitors in real-time when cups have attached or detached from a cow. We continually monitor these sensors throughout milking and use smart algorithms to determine the best order to spray cows.

The system adapts to various situations. If the cups accidentally come off halfway during milking, you can reattach them without the robot interfering.

If you attach cups onto a cow before it is pre-sprayed by the robot, it will be skipped (perhaps a cow that needs additional milking time with the cups being attached early). If a cow is not present, the system will know to skip that stall altogether. The result is an efficient system that fits around cow flow and how your milkers work, with minimal intervention.

Onfarm Solutions provides efficient and smart teat spraying solutions that give farmers more time to do the things they love.

Peace of mind your time with Teatwand and Onfarm Solutions

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