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Californian Dairy Farm becomes the first in America to introduce award winning technology

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The new automated teat spray wand for parallel parlors is now in use and providing efficiencies in California. The award-winning technology was recognized as a top 10 product at the World Agriculture Expo and grows Onfarm Solutions range of teat spraying products for rotary, herringbone and other types of dairy sheds/parlors.

Bar-Mac Dairy in Northern California is the first to install the equipment, other than a test unit in Timaru, New Zealand. Farm Manager Brad Nightengale is happy with the installation and capabilities of the technology, he says,

“With these we could probably push another 300 or 400 cows through the barn in the same amount of time and not add another employee. The faster we can get the cows in and out of the barn, the better for the overall health of the cows.”

Four Teatwand Parallel spray arms are operating at the farm which has a 30 aside parallel parlor. These are being monitored daily by local Onfarm technicians and software engineers who are ironing out small creases, implementing improvements and documenting performance.

Gary Arnot and the team at Onfarm Solutions have been developing the technology for over 3 years, and are excited to see it successfully retrofitted to a large, high output operation.

The story has been attracting attention across the globe. Further details about the operation and the installation can be read here in an article by Walt Cooly :

Onfarm solutions continues to innovate and drive efficiency in the farming sector adding to its globally acclaimed Teatwand Stepover, Teatwand Rapid and Teatwand Exact.

Image: Bradley Nightengale (front-left) is the owner of Bar-Mac Dairy in Gustine, California, Bradley’s son, Brad, (back-row, green shirt) is the farm employee quoted in this article. Onfarm Solutions CEO Gary Arnott (front-right) and technicians on this installation and U.S. sales team are also pictured. Photo by Walt Cooley.

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