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Why is it Important to Maintain Your Teatwand Automatic Teat Sprayer?

We all understand the importance of regular oil changes and services with our cars.

The same applies to your Teatwand automatic teat dip sprayer.

Regular servicing of your Teatwand is key to a worry free, problem free season.

Your Teatwand does a lot of work!

Take a 1000 cow dairy herd milking twice a day for say 300 days a year.

That's 600,000 cycles for a Teatwand Exact. Those nozzles will travel 600km each year. Regular servicing is important.

Teat spraying is a necessary dairy herd management practice for reducing mastitis in cows. Maintain your Teatwand. Prevention is better than cure.

Have your local dairy service technician carry out an annual service on your Teatwand system. If you’re milking more than 1000 cows a mid season check up is wise.

We stand by your local Teatwand dealers with technical support and advice. A phone call to one of our Teatwand experts can usually get things sorted. Onfarm Solutions have an Australian warehouse for spare parts so when the unexpected happens we can cut a few links out of the supply chain and get those bits to our Aussie farmers and dealers more quickly. We now have a USA base too for our North American farmers.

There are a number of daily and weekly checks that can be done. Take just a few minutes to help to keep your automatic teat dip sprayer running as it should.

Please contact us to receive your Daily and Weekly Checklists. It also includes step by step instruction on how to sort out the most commonly asked questions by farmers.

Email us at for more details.

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