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Onfarm Solutions at Fieldays® 2021- Day 2

After a very positive Day 1 the Onfarm team were sparked up and ready for another busy day at Mystery Creek. On again off again weather again, didn’t daunt the punters. More than 30,000 through the gates meant the streets were full again.

Dairy farmers are Onfarm Solutions customers, if you're not milking cows you won’t need a teat sprayer.

As a host on a stand at Fieldays you don’t know until you engage whether you’re talking to a dairy farmer or a school teacher. People pass by, and some simply do that, pass by, some pause, attracted by the moving images on the TV playing a loop of cows being teat sprayed. Others are oblivious to the visual distraction and focus on the product on display. Some have a direct approach and hit you with questions from the get go. Until you talk to people you just don’t know.

We love engaging and talking to everyone.

The Innovations Hub at Fieldays attracts all sorts with a wide variety of exhibitors vying for an award. Judging took place on day 1, a bevvy of blokes came by with clipboards and questions, looking for insights into the sometimes left field ideas, the technologies and most importantly the commercial viability.

We were all invited to the awards ceremony in the evening after judging. Well attended we were treated to a glass or two of refreshment, nibbles fit for the most discerning, a laugh or two from the MC, Te Radar and an amusing and insightful address from Peter Beck the founder of Rocket Lab.

We didn't win any awards but it is and continues to be a very worthwhile workout.

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