Cotswold SupaSpray

SupaSpray Vacuum-Operated Teatspray

Vacuum Operated:

  • Fits to existing vacuum line. Supplied with vacuum connection, 10mm vacuum supply line and a moisture trap.

Fits to competitors' systems:

  • The SupaSpray is supplied with an adaptor to fit directly to existing Ambic teat spray installations.

High Performance:

  • 60psi at 50kpa and 50psi at 44kpa.
  • Excellent teat coverage.
  • Fast application.

Pump only works when spraying:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Long Life.

Using the SupaSpray

Post-Milking teat disinfection

  • The SupaSpray is used successfully with most post milking teat-spray chemicals. The high pressure produced by the SupaSpray makes it especially useful when spraying thicker chemicals, even on low vacuum systems