Onfarm Solutions was formed by Adrian Joe and Gary Arnott in 2008 to develop an automated teat spray system that Adrian, New Zealands leading mastitis consultant, wanted to "Work Like a Persons Hand". The existing systems on the market at the time either didn't spray all four teats or used far too much product with the outcome being average at best.

Five prototype Teatwand™ systems were installed across Canterbury NZ in 2009 with great success, so much so while two have been upgraded to Teatwand™ Exacts, three prototypes are still in operation today.

The Teatwand 400 was introduced in 2010 and the Teatwand Exact in 2013. The latest version of the Teatwand, the Teatwand Rapid was introduced to large scale fast-moving rotaries in the USA in 2018.

The Teatwand™ automatic teat sprayer for rotary dairies is now considered the premier automatic teat sprayer with over 600 installations across New Zealand, Australia, the USA, the UK and Europe.