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By Onfarm Solutions

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A World First. The Teatwand Parallel. 


Top 10 New Product Award winner. World Ag Expo 2022. 


We are super excited to have been named as one of the Top Ten New Product Award winners. 


We like that the judging has taken place well ahead of the event, as people can see these groundbreaking inventions online and choose what it is they want to go see at the World Ag Expo. It’s a big show, best to do a bit of planning.


If you are milking cows in a parallel parlor come and see the Award winning Teatwand Parallel. It is a fully automated in-parlor solution for pre and post teat spraying.


Meet the Teatwand crew. Visit the Teatwand Parallel.  

World Ag Expo 2022. Tulare. California.

The Farm Credit Dairy Center. Exhibit Spaces 6220, 6221, 6222       

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